Splendid 66

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"You look like a writer..."
From Bristol. This is to showcase my artistic endevours.
I write poems on my Olympia Splendid 66

Currently trying to pretend to be too cool to be heart-broken


Walking back to you
Is the hardest thing that
I can do
That I can do for you

I can’t stop thinking about the day you came home from work early.

The buzzer rang, I was hesitant to answer because you weren’t due home for a couple hours.
I said hello, and you quietly replied. I was excited now, because it meant I was gonna have more time with you that day than I expected.
I jogged down the steps, despite the heat, smiling to see you stood at the door. I opened it and my heart sank, the tears washed your face and your skin had pinkened from stress. You broke into a deep sob and threw your arms around me.

I didn’t know what was wrong and I was deeply angry at whatever or whomever caused you such distress. You said you had an argument at work. I assured you whatever happened it would be OK, I was there. You squeezed me tighter and I kissed your head where ever I could, help you close and swayed you a little. I took you upstairs and promised I would make you feel good again, that everything was alright because you had me there to look after you. If money was an issue I’d spend every penny I have to make sure it wasn’t. I took you to bed and we hugged tight, I brushed tears from your cheeks and kissed you on the forehead. I told you everything was alright with me there, and that I would get up for a second to make some calming tea. You didn’t want me to leave your side, I didn’t want to leave you either, but I knew the tea would help.

When I returned you were face-down in your pillow. I put the tea to the side, brushed your hair, kissed your head. I took, from under the bed, a present I had been hiding from you, it was to be a part of a present for some event I was planning for you. But you needed it more right now. We looked through the pictures of the Nausicaä art-book. Just a couple pages. You thanked me, told me I didn’t need to. But I knew I could do no less. We put it aside, we embraced and I’m sure that all your problems went away. I had you in my arms. I made you feel good.